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We value our patients' experience at Wellness On The Point. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.


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Dr. Kelly, Dr. Shaler, Dr. Valletta, Dr. Speicher, and Dr. Moore
Your Greensburg Chiropractors


I started seeing Dr. Kelly in October of 2012. I walked into his office using a cane. After a few treatments, the cane was no longer needed. My overall health has greatly improved. I would recommend Dr. Kelly to people who have severe back problems. Not only is Dr. Kelly phenomenal, but his assistants are very welcoming and helpful as well. -Clarence C.


Dr. Viola, you truly are one of the greatest chiropractors I have known. All the help you have given myself, and especially my son with ADHD, was phenomenal.

Dr. Valletta has helped my family over the years in so many ways!  I have two daughters, one with special needs and one who suffered a long term concussion.  They have both been treated by Dr. V in the past – she is so knowledgeable and compassionate in her work, I wouldn’t trust anyone else.  She helps both my kids maintain their daily health through nutritional supplements.  She worked so hard to help my concussed daughter heal – both in her office and with additional strengthening exercises and advice.  She needed neck adjustments for a very long time – and still does at times.  Dr. V knows just what she needs to bring relief.  I would highly recommend Dr. Valletta to anyone struggling with pain – she is the best!


My son and I have been patients of Dr. Viola Valetta for over 6 years. She has treated my son for numerous sports injuries during football and wrestling seasons as well as adjusted him to help with his epilepsy.She has helped me with neck injuries and muscle strains as well as back sprains from lifting patients day in and day out. She recently Introduced me to a diet plan and helped me loose almost 50 pounds so far! She takes  time to really listen to each patient and thoroughly discuss any problems. She is kind, professional and so very knowledgeable.I have the utmost trust and confidence in her diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Valetta is a rare find, she is an an exceptional chiropractor and a wonderful person.

Dr Valletta has helped me ease my re-occurring back pain better than all the rest! I originally saw Dr. V. for a back related injury at work and through her guidance I have achieved significant relief. Not only has she relieved my pain, she has also taught me what to look for in bad posture and what to do to correct it. On top of that, she taught me several exercises to strengthen the weak spots on my problem areas to achieve a long term fix. She takes the time to explain why you are hurting and what it take to get back to normal. She involves you in the journey to your overall wellness.  I can say that I have gone to PT's and other Chiropractors with little to no results (sometimes worsening the problem) and within two visits to Dr V., she has me feeling relief. Thanks Dr. Valletta for all the help!

My testimony with Dr. Viola began when I was a junior in high school. I slowly started noticing a shift in my health as I began to become overwhelmed and stressed from school and work. I noticed myself developing mental and physical symptoms that progressed to the point where I barely had the ability to get out of bed. The doctors nudged, prodded, and tested me for every possible thing. They were at a loss and I was getting no answers. Conceivably, the only thing they could come up with was that it was all in my head. I was running out of options and losing hope. Until one day, my mother heard of a doctor in the area who was a chiropractor and  practiced nutrition. Reluctant to set up an appointment, thinking it was going to be another waste of time, I finally decided to go for it. The first appointment I had with Dr. Viola, I remember feeling something  that was different from any other doctor visit--a sense of hope. Her desire to see me healthy showed. She sat and talked with me, getting to know every symptom I was going through, not overlooking anything I was feeling. Dr. Viola viewed my health as different factors being interrelated to one another, so if one was off, it would cause the others to be also. Examples of these factors include stress and diet. After evaluation, she decided to test me for food and environmental allergies, vitamin and mineral levels, as well as inflammation levels. Instead of treating each symptom, Dr. Viola was driven to find the root cause of my health problems. It turned out that I was in fact, sensitive to foods such as dairy (these sensitivity levels were through the roof) and gluten. I was also deficient in a few essential nutrients and my body was undergoing a significant amount of inflammation. In the visits that followed, Dr. Viola provided me with chiropractic healing, nutrition consulting, and homeopathy that was geared towards my specific needs. She guided me through a plant-based program that was particular to my needs. I remember beginning to feel so happy I finally found an answer and for the first time, I had faith that I was going to get better. The best part about it, was that I was not putting anything in my body that was toxic in order for it to regain health. I was so eager to gain my health back naturally, that I began the program that same day Dr. Viola recommended it to me. Each day that went by, I began feeling better and better because I was filling my body with the nutrients it needed. I slowly started noticing the stomach aches, low energy, and anxiety fading away. I would visit Dr. Viola a couple times a month for the next few years, to go over my progress and health issues I was still facing. It took time and there were a few modifications she made along the way, but Dr. Viola continued to assure me I was on the right track. Fast-forward about 6 years, I am now 22 years old and in the best health state I have ever been. I am a happy college student, seeking a degree in food and nutrition. Which is crazy, because at the time I thought my educational journey was over.  Dr. Viola opened my eyes to the extraordinary capability our bodies have of being able to heal themselves through foods and healthy living. To this day, I continue to eat a plant-based diet and use the things Dr. Viola has taught me, to help others going through similar problems I went through.  In my case, addressing the root cause and healing the body naturally, was a long process. With that being said, I am privileged to say Dr. Viola never gave up. She used time, patience, and passion to lead me back to health and that is something very unique to come across in the healthcare world today. Looking back, I can’t help but believe that my encounter with Dr. Viola was divine intervention.

  Dr. Viola is more than a Chiropractor she is a healer with a kind heart and soul.  I started appointments with Dr. Viola in my mid to late 30’s for random lower and middle back pain with an onset in my early 20’s.  She is very patient and often provided heat, roller bed treatment, massage and e-stim prior to adjusting my back.  This patient approach and warm up to an adjustment was something I was not accustomed too.  All of the chiropractors that I had seen over the years simply had you lay down on a table and then you were adjusted, locked into additional appointments and out the door.   Dr. Violas’s approach was a new experience for me that simply made the most sense.  There is no pressure for future appointments if you just need an adjustment and for more severe injuries she takes a cautious approach and provides a recommended course of treatment after discussing all options which in my opinion should be preferred.  Again, she is more than a Chiropractor, I was taking tolectin and old anti-inflammatory drug for 7 years for arthritis that flared up at age 32.  She suggested trying to wean me off this medication due to the harmful side-effects and explained how to slowly reduce this medication over a period of time.  This had never been suggested to me by any Doctor even my Rheumatologist who I had appointments with 2x per year.  At age 40 I was completely off arthritis medication and 6 years later I remain medication free.  To no surprise, I have not seen Dr. Viola for about 5 years as she healed my back too.  It’s bitter sweet because I don’t see her much anymore and I enjoyed our conversations.  If I tweak my back Dr. Viola, “The Healer” will be one of my first calls. 

Dr. Viola- Healer, educator, friend. These words come to mind when I think of you. I truly value your gift as a healer and the way you have touched my family’s lives with your healing hands. Your willingness to educate to encourage better health. I have always trusted you as a good friend. People that pass through your office, are changed for the better on their way out. Your father passed along such a wonderful gift that is not only learned, but comes from love as a HEALER.



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